Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well after his 3 weeks of training and racing in Belgium Nate is back in his own bed for a while.  He said he had enjoyed his time there and that he learned alot and was glad that he had gotten the chance to go there.  He finished every race except the last one the day before he left as there was a crash and he went down but nothing was hurt but his bars turned and he had to dismount to fix and the group was gone so he pulled the plug.  In all he finished all the races and took a 3rd place in one so it was a great experience for him.  With some time between the races he was able to ride many of the same roads that the pro's race on and said that it was fun.  The city's are all old but the buildings were beautiful and just amazing and well taken care of.  But now it is time to finish his last few days of school and get on with life and racing back here for a while.  I will post some of the pictures he took later.  Now I just need to cruise through the day as I think Nate will suffer to with his jet leg but I only got 4 hours of sleep last night so I am a little beat.  Later..

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