Sunday, June 03, 2012

Race'n in Illinois

What a good weekend of racing.  I picked the ISCorp van up and then got 5 fast kids and headed south for some Friday racing in Lake Bluff.  The kids raced the cat 2/3 race and they missed the guy go off solo and then tried a few times to pull him in but instead went for the field results.  Peter took 2nd, Nate 4th and Max 5th.

Then on Saturday it was racing in Glenco on Saturday. In the Jr race Nate took off at the gun and destroyed the field and took any kids that were just trying to hang on.  Then it was a few ISCorp kids attacking all the time to soften up the others.  In the end Peter took off and then the ISCorp kids sat up and then let the others chase for a lap.  Then in the end it was Peter for the win, Nate 2nd and Kaleb 3rd.  The goal was for the win and then making sure Kaleb won the Jr state crit championship.  Both goals were accomplished in the race.  Then it was a break and race the cat 2/3 race.  The kids sat in and then moved up in the end and Peter got the win, Kaleb 6th and the bronze medal for the cat 2 crit state championship, Max was 11th and then Nate 19th. Great racing all weekend and great to see Kevin race the Jr race and hanging with a great group of kids and friends.  Great job guys,

Oh yeah Nate graduates from high school this week.  Wow where has the time gone?  Well for anyone in the area we are having a gathering at the house on Friday at 5:30 for Nate so feel free to stop by and say hello.  Later..

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