Monday, June 25, 2012

National update

It was a brutal Nationals for the kids last week.  They went in with some high hopes as they trained hard and were well prepared from the programs that Doug and Scott set up.  Simon had a great week and got some awesome results in his races.  Then the big boys went out and they were caught in crashes in both the crit and road race that took them out of any chances of doing well.  Nate and Peter both ended up with broken bikes and busted carbon wheels again.  It is all a part of racing and we are moving on and getting ready for the next races which are the ToAD races and then the l'Abitabi.  The good thing is that the boys are ok and it seems that Max's wrist should be ok after crashing yesterday from what I heard from Nate.  More later when I talk to Nate when he gets home.  Later..

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