Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nate's first race's of ToAD

After a few days to recover and get his bearings back from the Nationals trip it was time to toe the line at the Tour of America's Dairyland race in Sheboygan.  First up was the Jr race that was nice to see a larger field for once, there was 44 racers in the race.  The race was off to a bad start as in turn 2 of the first lap there was a crash that took a few racers out.  Then they stopped the race to get a few loaded up into the rescue squad for a trip to the hospital for a check up.  Good news was that they are all ok.  Then there was a bunch of attacks during the rest of the race and with the temps around 100 degrees the racers looked tired and Nate just sat in and waited till the end.  There was afield sprint finish and he took 2nd in the 17-18 yr olds.  Then after a few hours to recover Nate was back on the bike in the cat 2/3 race.  Again it was like 98 degrees and this time there was 98 racers at the start.  Nate sat in and moved up and then back to the middle and then moved up to the top 10 for the final lap.  He was boxed in and then had to move out and got a spot and finished 7th in the cat 2/3 race.  More racing tomorrow in Fon Du Lac.   Later..

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