Friday, June 15, 2012

cruise control

Has been a semi normal week as far as that goes around here.  After the last few weeks of Nate getting back from Belgium then right into racing here and graduation we just had some normal training rides and now a few races this weekend.  Saturday the race is in Menominee Falls and then in Finchberg on Sunday.  I looked at the WORS race and it is in Cam Roc on Sunday as almost thought about doing it but I am thinking that with so little time on the mtn bike I may need to hit the trails a little before a mtn bike race.  But I plan on trying to make it at least 1 or 2 races this year if I can.  Jess is upnorth with my parents for the next 2 weeks enjoying the lake and hopefully not to much rain in Rhinelander.  Maddie has been working teaching water exercise classes and life guarding so that has been good for her. Cece is done with school so she has a small break before taking a few classes this summer so soon she will be busy too.  Fixxie has been just running around as always.

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