Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road trip

Well I took a little time off today so I could drop Nate off at WCJ Pilgrim wire so they could load the ISCorp sprinter full of Jr racers to go to Augusta Georgia.  The gang in the van will be Nate, Peter, Kaleb, Max and Joe.  Billy, Simon, Garrett and Alex are there already and Lindsey and Zoe are on the way too.  A big thanks to Billy Jones, Mike Weber, Randy Roth, Doug Close and Scott Rosenfield and then most of all Richard Koch for being brave enough driving them to the USAC road National Championships.  Hopefully the weather is good and not to hot, but the forecast looks like it may be a hot one there to.  I will keep you posted on the results of the guys that are there racing as I get them here.  Well I am going to go and hop in the pool to cool down before I go to bed.  Later..

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