Monday, June 18, 2012


There were a few races over the weekend and Nate raced on Saturday in the pro 1,2,3 race only and then the Jr race only on Sunday.  In the race on Saturday Nate was sitting in and then there was a crash in the race and he had to leave the course to avoid it and did not get a free so he was a lap down.  He sat in and then just rolled in with the field.  He tried to lead Peter out for the field sprint but that got messed up.  Then they went out to Max's family place in Lake Mills for the night and played on the lake before heading to Madison for a race.  They raced and Nate finished 5th as he did work for a few other team mates.  Good racing as  they prep for the Nationals this weekend.

Maddie has been working as a Milwaukee County Life guard and really enjoying it and she will also be working at Summerfest. So she is going to be a busy little one this summer for sure.  Jessie is still upnorth and enjoying her time with my parents.  Wade has been there to so she has had someone to mess with so Grandpa gets a break.  Cece now has 2 weeks of some kind of class she is taking so that will have her busy.  For me it is just the normal work stuff.  Speaking of it I better get some work done.  Later..

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