Saturday, February 28, 2009

Got Yours?

These young guys got theirs. Just in case you are wondering why they are passing you or pulling you in a race. When they get together the intensity goes way up and workouts only get better. Just hop on and hang on for as long as you can. Later..

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nate Pop'n a gate

Here is a flick of Nate pop'n a gate on Wednesday night. He has a great snap out of the gate and just needs to get a more powerful pull down the straights and jump the doubles. Once he gets these parts down he will be killing me by a straight at the end. We have some racing on Sunday and then only 3 more weeks after that. I wonder if there will be any spring Kenosha races? Maddie is at a dance and we are just relaxing till it is time to go and get her. Later..

Thursday, February 26, 2009

A few pictures from INDOOR gate practice

Nate relaxing after a few gates talking to Bernie and Tina. Tina is the National 9th ranked women in in cruiser class. She has some mad skills and jumps many of the doubles. Bernie is, well a kid that never shuts up and is very entertaining.

This is Payton laying on the ground after looping out a manual and landing on his back. He laid there for a minute saying I busted my ass and it hurts. Not a fast crash or any thing just pulling up the front wheel to far and bamm on his back. He walked away but he was going to have a little trouble sitting I think. I couldn't pass up the chance to get a shot of him on his back though. Payton is way fast and this little fall won't keep him down.
Today was a meeting in Madison and it was better then working in this crap weather. The drive there was nice but the drive home was not fun but we made it safe. Just glad it wasn't snow and ice like they were saying in the beginning. May have to bring out a boat pretty soon as it is looking like the bike may be stuck in the basement for a few more days. Later..

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Indoor Gate Practice

Tonight was gate practice at the barn. Danny T was there and Joe came out to watch with his son Jack. It won't be long before Jack is out on the track as he is only 3. Nice to see Joe as he has been laid up for a couple of weeks.

Nate was running all night with Dan and the fast guys and he is getting faster each week. Damn the punk is fast and he makes me look real slow. Again a light turn out and you got to hit the gates till you were fried. Nothing like getting a sprint workout in and getting the bike handling skills dialed in before the race season. Need to go to bed as it is after 9 and I'm beat. Here is a short film of Nate tonight. Later..

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No room

That is what it is like at the private grade school that the girls go to. It is full in every class and there are families begging to get in. We just don't have the room or the budget to fit them in. A few years ago we were wondering if we could stay open or not and now there is no room to add any more. Good thing I guess. I have been on the school board for 10 years and Jess has another 6 to go so I guess so do I. More indoor bmx gate practice tomorrow. Later..

Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy street

Unlike many others I kind of like Mondays. As going back to work always seems more relaxed then all the running around that goes on here over the weekends. Plus House and 24 are on. Nothing starting the week with a little excitement.

Today was another day of talking to the operators that still owe $. The best one was the store that supplies the churches in the area. They told me " trust us the check is in the mail " how could not believe them. Plus most of the others took care of business as I stood there so I may only have to shut a few down later in the week. Looking at starting to drop the hammer Wednesday and save the real idiots for Friday and make them wait over the weekend. Let the fun begin. Later..

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today was a donation at the bmx track today. I had a stacked cruiser class and couldn't fight my way in. So I got to watch the mains. Now I know why I like the 20 inch bike better, the guys there are more my speed. Nate had a pretty good day. He took a 3rd in the cruiser and a 4th in the 20. A good day and as always fun racing the bmx bikes. Now the snow needs to go away and let us get outside to ride. Later..

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long 1

Went out and moved snow after a roller workout and lifting, Then went and watched some kids suffer and caught some roller derby. It was a long day. Tomorrow is some BMX racing.

White out

Got up at 6 and looked out the window and just like they have been saying all week, more snow. Can't get away from the stuff. So out I go to shovel and then downstairs to get a workout in before the Jr training today. I'm watching the news this morning and I can't believe that there are things on the bottom canceling for the day already. They aren't even waiting for the snow to finish as it doesn't look that bad. I hope that the Jr training isn't cancelled and they better not cancel the roller derby.

The movie Mall Cop was funny and we enjoyed the good old clean funny movie. So many movies these days are raunchy and bad that you can't go to them as a family, or they are a cartoon and that is OK but that gets old to. But the movie good and the music was fun to listen to. Time to get out and move some of the snow so Cece and Jessie can get to a meeting. Later..

Friday, February 20, 2009


Another week older and another week in the books for the man. did 40 scales today and that made up for the easier week. Tonight we are going to go out for some Chinese food and then see Mall Cop. Should be fun for once to all go out and relax at a movie. Tomorrow will get up and shovel the way the news is making it look like and then some time on the rollers and Nate some time with the Jr team at Crank Daddy's. Then the fun for the day will be the Roller Derby. Time to load the truck and get this show on the road. Later..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More fun

These people running a business are always asking why are we charging them to use a meter or scale to charge someone else? I try to explain that we are looking out for both them and the consumer. They all ask why and try to make a big deal out of it as they are driving in their BMW's and Mercedes. As always they see the light and pay the fees. More fun to come yet as all have not paid.

Easy core strength and a spin on the bike worked for me today. Now time to watch Earl. I can see a few people in their places. Later..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tons of fun

Today was a day of trying to get the fine folks that want to run a business in Milwaukee to pay their license fees. They got the renewal in December and had to Jan 16th to drop in the mail. Well I got a 12 page list of these fools. I made the calls to the businesses and talked to many of them to pay over the phone with credit card to the office staff. But 1 guy kind of got a bit snippety with me. He asked " what will you do if I don't pay? ". I told him that I would come and red tag the meters and give a order not to use and a citation for $300 for using them with out a current license. He then asked to be transferred to the office staff and paid in full. Nice.

Tonight was a nice night at the gate practice. With the snow it meant another light night of riders. We were able to hit the gates all night and never had to take a break as one of the fathers sat in for us and ran the gates. The good and bad is that we got to ride hard all night, the bad was I was fried at the end. Then to top it off the drive home was crappy with the snow and wind. But made it home and now I'm watching the tour. Later..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cruiser Clip

Just a clip of Nate on his cruiser on Sunday. Just hit the start and then rolled easy. Tomorrow is gate practice if the snow isn't to bad and caused it to be called off. Kind of really liking the bmx and could see doing it a few more times a week this summer instead of some of the other stuff. Just plain fun and getting used to the speed going over everything on the track. Actually Nate and the others make it look easy and I still struggle at times to go over spots on the track. But none the less it is a blast and give it a try if you never have. At least try to catch a race to see hoe fast and the how skilled many of these racers are. Later..

Monday, February 16, 2009

Darn It

Forgot to set the DVR to tape the Tour of Cali. I have to watch the 1 hour recap @ 10 tonight. That is OK as the rain probably caused another video mess up today. I know the results but that doesn't matter I want to see it happen any ways.

Today Cece took her Mom to her house as she is good to go on her own. That is good to see her doing so much better since she got out of the hospital as she wasn't doing so well when in there. I remember that when ever I was in there for anything that I felt like crap the entire time there and the minute I got out everything was better right from the second you get out. Now her brothers will be stopping in to make sure things are fine and keep us posted.

Then tonight it is back to the same old grind. Meetings for the kids and we have to go as they get a dress down pass for Friday. If they don't get one we would never hear the end of it. And to make sure that we go Maddie has volunteered to watch the little kids for the other parents that have to bring them there. I hope to get out of it and Cece will go alone and then I can catch House and 24. Day off the bike and just lifted weights as the body is sore from the races this weekend. Later..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Warm in here

Heck yeah it was nice to be hitting the gates in a nice warm place today. Here is a video of Nate in the 20 inch 2nd Moto qualifier. Needed to be in the top 3 to make the main and he did what he needed. It was a double point race so the fields were bigger and the races a tad faster then yesterday. Nate and I raced both bikes and we made it through to the main on each one. Nate took a 3rd on his cruiser today and a 5th on the 20 inch. He had the outside gate in the 20 inch and as always it is hard to get over to the others when they are all fast as hell. I took a 6th in the cruiser today as I was on the outside to. In the 20 inch I took 2nd place today which was fine as I need to hold a few wins off for the Nationals. Now I have the coffee and the tour on the computer and the Daytona on the tv. Need to get the feet up. Later..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nates main today

Here is a little film of Nate's 20 inch main tonight. He took a 3rd in the 20 inch tonight and a 2nd place in the cruiser. I took a 4th in the cruiser tonight. I was moving into 2nd and a guy t boned me and I had to hit the breaks to not go down and ended up with the 4th place at the end. Tomorrow is more racing and I'm racing both the 20 inch and the cruiser. As always Nate is racing both classes to. Later..

Happy Valentines Day


Well Cece's Mom is here after her heart surgery and she will be here the next couple of days. She wanted to go home but I made Cece have her stay here as she is all by herself and almost 80 so it is best to have others around to do a few things. We will get a chance to watch her and make sure everything is good to go before she is on her own. Nate and also went and visited my 90 year old Grandma as she is moving to new Sr home in Keil Wi. from the one she in in Cudahy next Friday. That will be nice as she will be closer to my Aunt who can visit her alot more. But for a 90 year old she still gets around well and her mind is still pretty good. Now it is time to eat something and then get the bikes packed to go bmx racing the next few days. Have fun riding everyone as we know we will. Later..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Going Strong

I got it right yesterday as the computer is still up and running just like new. Glad to have it back and some of the things that were wrong like the sound cracking and breaking up has been fixed and some of the things are running way faster and better. That will be the last time I take it to a Geek ever again. Paying for what they did and all I need to do play with it and reload and get all the patches loaded for it run right is what I will do. But Nate will never play with the things he learns at school on my computer again.

That aside tonight we are heading to Bryan Dickerson's for a dinner party with the BMX Sun Ringle team.. Should be nice and then it is racing the next 2 days at the BMX track. So while the others are outside int he cold and wind we will be doing sprints in the warm barn and getting the mad skills dialed in. Got to get going have a good ride. LATER..

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Up and Runnning

I got the computer going and it is back to normal. Well minus everything like the pictures and stuff that Nate lost with his new trick. I feel lucky and so should Nate. I knew nothing and still don't know a thing about a computer. Just good old luck. Later..

1 last attempt

I have taken the computer all the way down and I'm going to try to reinstall it from the start. I'm new at this and hope to do it right. I figure if I miss on this attempt it can't be worse then where Nate has left me. I hope I have just enough knowledge to get through this and never have to do it again. All I do know is that Nate better not do this again.

Cece is on her way to parent teacher conferences for Nate as he struggling a little in World History so she just wants to talk to his teacher. He is doing good in the rest of the classes though and that is good. Just have to step up the nose time in the books I guess.

Again there is racing at the bmx track this Saturday and a double point race on Sunday. May race the cruiser on Saturday and the 20 inch on Sunday. Have to keep the skills on the 20 inch up and still save a few wins to be able to race it at the Mid West Nationals in Rockford in June. If you are bored over the weekend ride over or drive over the bmx track at the Walworth County Fairgrounds. Racing is at 6 on Saturday and about 1 on Sunday. Later..


Nate and I hit the gate practice last night. Both of us were a tad tired from the roller workout the nights before but after hitting them hard for a few minutes was all back to normal. All good, and today Nate has a half day of school so he wants to get his workout done early and that leaves me alone for mine. I have also been making my list and checking it twice on the items that Nate needs for the new race season and all I have to say is that he wants it all as the stuff is great. Well time to get to work. Later

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Thought we had it back running order and then it crapped again. Yeah the computer that the the Bill Gates Jr tried to get running faster so he could play games faster. A friend at work stopped by and got it going like new and then Nate loaded the I-Tunes store update and then it took a dive again. I ran a recovery and now I'm waiting for the Easy Sign-Up to go through the process and hopefully it will work this time. Hopefully Nate is keeping his fingers crossed and he won't have to pay for the repair.

Nice weather outside kept me busy as today I did a lot of the salvage yards. Kept those aside to do in nice weather as the scales are all outdoors so the bums are kept at a distance from the hired help. Aside from the muddy yards it was nice to be outside all day. Tomorrow is more of the same in moving the heavy weights but indoors with the rain and cold that still awaits us. Then the bmx bikes await for a nice workout in the barn. Now I need a big bowl of ice cream. Later..

Monday, February 09, 2009

Nate's 20 inch main 9/8/09

Here is A video of Nate's 20 inch main from yesterday. He had gate 8 and had to fight his way over to get in the mix. He seems to be OK even though he has gate 8 every week but it is wearing on him. But making the main and beating the others in the other 2 motos kind of makes up for the piss luck getting gate 8.

Glad to see rain instead of snow tonight. Being that the weather is going to be nice tomorrow Nate said it was time to break out the dirt jumper and ride to school. Man I wish that I got out in time to get out for a ride but there will be a lot of good days in the spring and summer. Don't want to burn out in June. Later..

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Yeah we RACED indoors

Today was another fun day at the bmx races. Nate had another day of good results with a 3rd in the 20 inch race and a 4th in the cruiser class. Man if he got some good gates for the main he would be in the front. He has been getting gate 7 or 8 in every main all year. I thought that they were random picks in the gate assignment but he always gets those for the main. I took a 4th in the cruiser and like Nate this week I had 6 for the main. Mike Froh won with Brian Dickerson in 2nd and another guy who had a inside gate then me and the others behind. As always it was fun and looking forward to the racing next Saturday and Sunday. Later..

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Got it

Just eating it up.
Watching these 3 suffer a little today.

Felt great

It was the best feeling today to be riding outside. Nothing like the looks I got from everyone I passed during my ride. I think it was the big old smile on my face that was attracting all the attention. I loved the sun and breeze in my face as I strolled on the single speed along the lake. I got a nice ride in and then raced home to get Nate to Crank Daddy's for a Jr team spin. I would post pictures from today but the computer is not letting me since Nate's project mess my computer up the other night. Got to try to figure this out. Later..

Friday, February 06, 2009

Better yet

Well Nate found every ones stuff, well every ones except mine. Figures always my stuff gets scratched or ruined. Later..

Too Much

Nate has been taking a computer class at school and thinking that the stuff he is hearing there is good to try at home on mine. Well last week most of every ones icons disappeared and I asked what happened know one knew anything. I figured it was Nate trying something. So last night after dinner I go upstairs and he is doing something on the computer and he says it will be cleaned up and faster. Well now everything is gone, the fire wall, any favorites, pictures, videos, etc. He tried doing a thing where he went back a day or 2 to reset it and couldn't figure that out. He was loading the fire wall back on went I went to bed, and he found some of the stuff in the C drive. All I know now it is a total mess. Damn kids. Later..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dan T trying his luck.

Dan and Nate lined up for a battle and Nate came out on top in this one. As always it was a great night of gate practice and even after popping them all night I don't feel as spent as before. Must be getting closer to being in shape. warm weather this weekend means may have to get the Saturday road ride from Hales Corners Wheel and Sprocket. Later..

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mark It Down

Bone Riders,
It's 3 1/2 months today until the 2009 Bone Ride, Wednesday May 20th at 8 AM. This will be the 23rd annual gathering of bikers for our annual pilgrimage from Milwaukee to Madison and back. Start your training in earnest now!
Cancel all vacations, take the day off and leave the kids behind because May 20th, 2009 is the day.
More details to follow.

Tom Schuler
Team Sports Inc.
6228 W. State St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
414 431 0559 x14
414 431 0585 fax

So if anyone does not know what this ride is about, it is a group ride that has about 150 to 200 riders on it. Tom breaks the group into smaller groups of about 40 to 50 in each and then they roll to Madison eat lunch and roll home. The pace is steady with a few stops lights on the way and the average speed for the entire ride is 23 to 25 mph. I have done it the last several years and if I can make it so can many of you. There are several options to the ride.

1.) Start at Tom's house in Tosa and ride from there which is about 160 miles.
2.) Start in Peawaukee and ride to Madison and it is about 130 miles.
3.) Start in Delafield and is is about 120 miles.
4.) Start at Russell's house and it is 4 blocks longer then from Tom's.
5.) Start with Jeff Senn and it ends up almost 200 miles.

Start riding and planning on a fun day in the saddle instead of work. See you on the road. Later..

Monday, February 02, 2009

Jessie's The Pooh

Jessie had us catch her doing a little dance during the Christmas vacation. It is to the song from South Park called "Mr Hanke the Christmas Pooh" She kept bothering me until I posted it. So enjoy. The color is not the best and she appears about a minute into the film. Later..

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nate's 20 inch main

Here is a video of Nate in his 20 inch main. He had a great gate and then 2 guys got around him and then he settled for 4th. He needs to be more aggressive and not let it happen. He also took a 2nd in cruiser today. I took a 5th in the cruiser and I just missed running Mike Froh over as he his the deck right next to me. The bad thing was that Jim parked his front tire in Mike's face. No damage though and Mike got up and walked away.

In gate practice Nate today over rode a manual and kicked the bike out on the double out of turn 2 and was about 7 feet in the air when he let go of the bike and landed right on the middle of his back. He knocked the air out but then got up in about 10 seconds and was right back in the gate like it never happened. Good thing he always wears his chest protector. Now we are just waiting for the BIG GAME. Later..