Sunday, October 17, 2010

Season switch

Been busy doing the chores around the house and now we can park on the pad and walk up the stairs to the porch and not have a board move under your feet. Then it was time to smell the diesel and move a ton of dirt. It is a work of art to see the mounds of dirt be formed into the track for the racers to enjoy over the period of a few days. The racing starts on Nov. 7th and the practice I think starts on Nov 10th but I will check that out for sure though. But it was a blast to see the bmx family and get the bmx bikes dusted off for some fun racing coming up. I say coming up as Nate was very busy this summer racing his road, track, mtn bike's this summer leaving no time for the bmx bike. Now I need to get the road bikes out for a nice long ride in this great weather we are having. Later..

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