Saturday, January 07, 2012

Cyclocross National Championships

 Nate and Max warming up in the tent on the side on the ISCorp sprinter van. Thanks ISCorp for the awesome hookup for the team.

 Nate and Max laughing it up before the race.

 Super Fan Kaleb was in the house.

 Nate making the turn into the barriers.

 Nate flying down the big down hill.

 Running up to the Barriers.

 Nate going into the maze.

 Coming right at you.

 Up and over the barriers.

 Around the tree in the mud.

 Coming along the pond into the the barriers.

 Coming into the pit area.

 Nate coming into the back maze area.

Nate wishing the race was almost over.

It was a fast and furious race today and Nate had a great ride.  There was about 50 riders in the race and all of them were fast as hell as was Nate.  We got there with some time for Nate to get out on the course before the racing started and the ground was all torn up and frozen with deep ruts.  Nate was riding the course and must have hit a rut and pinch flatted his newly glued tubular.  But Matt was awesome and let us use Joesy's race wheels and we dialed in the tire pressure and Nate was running a perfect set up.  Nate got a good start and was sitting near the front and then after a tight turn and in some of the deepest ruts Nate had to put a foot down not to go down causing him to lose a few spots.  Each lap as the race went on Nate got faster and head his ground.  We did do one bike exchange to get his main bike clean and then it was ride it till the end and it worked perfect for Nate.  He finished 18th and that is a good ride with the conditions and the fact that this age class of riders super fast.  In the end we are so proud of Nate with his effort and race today and with the long season and the awesome year that he had this was a great way to finish the year off. Now it is some rest and recovery, well almost as Nate went to Rays tonight to have some fun.  Tomorrow is bmx racing and Nate is taking the day off as he needs to get some homework done and then relax before he has to go to work at Rays.  But I am going to go and race some bmx as I need to race now that Nate is done racing.  Later..


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