Sunday, January 29, 2012

Triple point day

Here are the great pictures that Sam and Guy took of us today at the track.  Thanks guys and as always great pictures.

Today was the triple point race at the barn and Nate and I loaded the little bikes and headed to Elkhorn for some racing.  Nate took a 2 in cruiser and then took a 4th in class.  He is leaving for Tucson On Wednesday for some more road training in the sun.  So with that happening he decided that rubbing elbows for a spot or 2 was not going to happen .  I don't blame him as he did not want to have scabs and sore to take care of while out there training.  I took a 2nd in cruiser and then a 1st in class.  As always it was a blast hanging out with everyone this weekend.  Later..


DS said...

"Rubbin elbows for a spot or 2 was not worth it"? Always an excuse, can't you say the boy got beat? Hard to swallow I know. Anybody can win on any Sunday and it wasn't your boy this time, no need to make excuses.

Jay said...

Hey DS just for your info winning at the track on any Sunday is something that happens here and there as look for the first time in 2 years I won in class. Then a few weeks ago I won as Bryan took the weekend off in cruiser. But for Nate he has never won in class since turning expert and being that I think it is awesome that he stuck with racing bmx. He did shut it down in turn 1 and I asked him why and he stated that either throwing elbows or t boning another racer was not worth it. He did not want to crash and was 2nd going into turn 1 and he tapped his brakes as not to get into anyone. His not winning never disappoints me. I am more proud his character and how he finishes not how he results then ones comment like yours.