Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nate's ride till his gets fixed

Thanks Mike and ISCorp for the use of a team car till Nate's Volvo gets fixed.  

Well after the drive to Indy and the incident of running over the object in the road we are now dealing with the insurance company as the service transmission light came on and the steering is giving us some issues.  They had me take it to a Chevy dealer at first and I asked why and they said that they were a preferred auto repair shop and that it would be a 1,2,3 and it would be done.  I said do you realize that they will not be able to analyze the cars computer system as they may not have the proper computer to hook up to the Volvo, but I took it there as instructed.  As I talked to the nice lady there about the issues that the car was giving us and  she said that they could not hook it up to their computer as theirs would not get the computer codes to properly read out.  So I told them I wanted it taken to Oscar's Motorsport Volvo repair shop.  So today they towed it there and now it is where I asked them to take it yesterday or Monday as I wanted.  But the good thing is that it is in good hands and we will hopefully hear what the issues are with the steering and transmission soon.  But again thanks to Mike for letting Nate use a ISCorp team car until this one is fixed.  Later..

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