Thursday, January 19, 2012

Running around like a crazyman

Just been busy as heck here as with Fixxie in the house we are always taking care of here needs and today I just took her to the vet for her last shots and a puppy check up.  All was good and she is a healthy puppy and a keeper.  All I have to say is all the people that see her just fall in love with her and say that she is the cutest puppy that they have ever seen. The good thing is that fixxie is just a ham with all the people that wanted to pet her today and last weekend at the pet store. Well there is more then just a new dog here as Nate and Maddie have had the finals this week and that really helped as they spent the afternoons home with with her and let her out so the potty training is going good.  Then I ran to bmx gate practice yesterday as Nate stayed home as he has a bit of a chest cold going on so he has just been hanging low.  But tomorrow the kids are all off so Nate and I are heading to Marian University in Indiana for a campus visit and possibly sign up to go to school there if it all adds up to be a good fit.  Just have to see how the visit goes and the sit down with the cycling coach goes.  Then get home and get some rest as Nate has the exam for the Milwaukee Police aid on Saturday.  That is just a fall back as he could start with the MPD and become a policeman and then have a career right out of high school.  Just a opportunity that he does not want to pass on.  Time to get a few things ready and get ready for the 5 hour drive in the morning.  Later..   

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