Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shots fired

Well the dust has settled and I am glad to have been spared from any of the collateral damage.  So here is how it went down on Wednesday at work.  Teresa and I had just got done testing some scales at the scarp yard on 30th and Concordia ave and pulled out and parked the van to do some daily paperwork.  As we were parked entering some data on our computers a car pulled around the van and into the alley just ahead of us,  The car then stopped and 2 men got out of the back seats and walked down the alley behind the car.  I thought oh just going to buy some drugs or something.  Well I finished my work on the computer and pulled forward to just see what the guys were up to, you know see if they were buying drugs or something.  So in the process the guys split up and one went on the south side of the garage and the other on the side I can see.  I proceed slowly and the guys looks at me and raises his arm and then looks forward between the houses and starts shooting as does the other guy on the south side of the garage.  It all happened about 25 feet away from us and the sounds of the gun firing is nothing like you hear on the television.  I pulled forward to get a house between the shooters and us so he would not fire at us as he knew we seen him prior to his shooting.  When I pulled forward I could see a house with a group of young men on it ducking to not get shot from these 2 idiots.  In all they fired 13 shots and missing everyone thank God but I have to say I just about crapped myself when all the dust settled.  I did not get a plate # or the state the car was from but I did get the make and model and stayed till the police came and gave them the details of what I seen happen.  I am glad that no one got hit and the little kids that were out where all safe.  I just have to say seeing the flash and smoke coming from the gun as the guy fired the first 3 shots before getting out of the way was so unreal I can not describe it.  Also watching all the people running and yelling as they were getting out of the way was as crazy as hell to. But I have to say that I am looking twice each time I see a car similar to the one that the guys were in that day.  But now it is just back to normal and just go do my work each day since and not worry about things that you can not control.  Just glad that the guys didn't fire at us first.  Later..

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Ronsta, said...

Reminds me of when I worked at Hayes. Glad no one got shot!