Saturday, January 21, 2012

Worth the trip

 We were on the rode and something fell off a truck and I could not move to get out of the path of it and hit it.  It cracked 2 rims and blow out 2 tires on the Volvo.  We got a tow that took 2 frick'n hours in Illinois, man does this state suck big.  Once we got the tow the guy dropped us at a tire dealer and that is were the fun started.  They did not have the tires we had on the car as they stopped making that model and I bought 4 new tires as the other ones were going to need replacing and hell I got 3 for the cost of 2 of the ones I had on the car.  But once they got the wheels off the 2 rims on the drivers side were cracked and they had to call around till they found some matches.  They did and the nice guy made our shop the first on the list instead of the last as planned.  We got it all taken care of and tossed a alignment in as that was needed too.  Then we hit the road for the rest of the trip to Marian University even though the snow had started to fall.

 The trip down was starting to get interesting as the snow was falling and blowing for a while till we hit Lafayette.  It stopped around there and the roads dried up and it was smooth sailing till we pulled into the Marian University parking lot. Nothing like the staff staying as I kept in touch to let them know we were dealing with the car and snow.  How cool they were when we got there to make us feel so good when we got there.  Thanks Josh, Ashley and most of all coach Dean.

Rock Star parking once we got there, right in the front row.

The campus was real nice and comfortable and I think a great fit for Nate.  Ashley was real helpful and informative as we did keep her there extra on a Friday because of the tire and wheel issue.  But she informed us of all the info about the school and then gave us a tour of the campus before meeting with coach Dean.  I have to say that Dean runs a top notch program and I love the fact that they are students before cyclist.  But after talking to Dean I think Nate would be a good fit for the program there.  Now it is time for Nate to pull the pull and sign as he is accepted and all.  We just have to get the $ in line and see where we stand, but the drive through all the snow and tire issue getting to talk to Ashley and coach Dean made the stressful trip worth it.

After the visit it was get some gas and some food and hit the road for the ride home.  That now was a real bad deal all the way home.  Well not all the way but from about 10 minutes from Marian till we hit the Wisconsin line as Indiana was just open blowing snow and at times when you couldn't see but 10 feet in front of the car.  But we made through Indiana and then it was even crappier as Illinois was worse as they do not know what a plow or salt are used for as the roads were so bad it was unbelievable.  To top it off they for sure do not only know how to drive like crap on dry roads they drive worse in the snow.  There was drivers into the walls, turned in the wrong direction, and stuck everywhere.  Just a joke in Chicago as it was worse there as there was not a plow anywhere to be seen.  But I got to the left and drove my speed in the snow and just cruised by everyone and once we got to the Wisconsin line it was all good and we pulled in the garage at 11:30.  What a long and stressful day to say the least.  Now Nate is taking the Police Aid exam just to keep all his options open and then working at Rays later.  What a busy kid to say the least.  Later.

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