Monday, January 09, 2012

New Baby

The puppy that we are picking up on Thursday.  Our little pugs name is going to be Fixxie.

So Tina posted on Facebook that a friend of hers had a puppy Pug for sale.  I waited for a while and then I seen Tina on Sunday at the bmx races and asked if the puppy was still available.  She said that she thought so and when I got home I brought up that Tina had a friend that has a pug for sale and the girls begged for a few minutes and Cece caved in and said OK.  I got a hold of Tina and I got the info and made Maddie call and ask about the puppy and made arrangements to pick the puppy up on Thursday.  Things are going to get a little interesting around here for a little while for sure.  Hell we just got back from Pet Co and bought a bunch of things so we are prepared for the arrival of the addition.  Now I must listen to the girls talk about dressing the poor thing up and hell they want to paint the nails on the dog.  Be ready for alot of pictures of Fixxie to come.  Later..  

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