Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pre race at Cyclocross Nationals

Yesterday was the non championship cyclocross 10-29 race.  Nate toed the line along with Garrett, Simon, Sam and Joesy.  The temps were 27 degrees and with the sun out the ice was still there in a lot of the course even though the awesome crew put down alot of salt and sand it was still a tough course.  Nate said the corners and hill were greasy and that the ice was in alot of the spots that caused him to take some lines that he did not intend to.  Well in the end he finished 15th and it was well worth the trip as we got a lot of info that we needed for the big race this Saturday.  Then I got home and cleaned Nate's bike and then ran to the shop to get a bunch of items that we needed for the race bike to finish the last steps before the race.  Then I went to Rays to ride with Aaron, Len and whole mess of knuckle heads before hitting the wall since I was up at 4am to get ready for the race.  Then today it was run all over the place after work to get some of the phone bill and get Jess a hamster and Maddie a Beta fish before doing my training ride and lift weights.  All I know is that I am going to go to bed soon and then go over Nate's bikes a few times before the race Saturday.  Will good luck to all the ISCorp and the rest of the racers at Nationals this weekend.  Later...

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