Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fixxie fix

Well it has been 2 days with Fixxie and she has fit in real well.  The sad thing is when we put Fixxie in the little carrier at night and in the morning before we all leave for work and school she cries.  I hope that it is not long in the morning but at night it has been from 10 to 20 minutes before she stops and goes to sleep for a few hours. Then in the middle of the night so far Maddie and Nate have had her in their rooms and then taken Fixxie out to take care of her business.  Then when we get home it is game on full play time till bed time for fixxie.  Although she did nap on my lap before dinner for a few minutes tonight.  The fun was her first time in the snow tonight too as she was a little freaked out and wanted to run right back in the door.  The good thing is she goes out and takes care of business and runs right back in so that is nice instead of waiting 10 minutes while she chases and eats leaves before hand.  It has been nice as Fixxie has adjusted real good to the separation from her siblings and mother real well and enjoying all the attention she is getting.   Later..

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