Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Night Ride

Tonight Nate and I loaded the bikes and went to the Beat Down. The bmx track may have been OK but we needed to get a nice long spin in. The group was smaller tonight but it was perfect. The pace was nice and steady and the time on was the same as always. Got the 37 plus in 1:42. The pace was even and fast and kept together to the end. Nate got gaped and rolled in with a few that popped right at the end about a minute after us. Kyle picked up a nail and a nice guy seen him walking and gave him a ride in. See you at the races.

Now we have to get the house and things ready as Maddie has 8th grade graduation tomorrow night. Man the years are flying and then we have to get ready for the race this weekend. Going up Saturday morning with Nate, Mitch, Gage and Jeff. Then staying with my parents before the race. Then they are bringing Maddie up and we are leaving Nate there too. Nate is going to race bmx during the week and then meet us at Wausau and race and then go back for another week. My parents will bring them both down 2 weeks from tomorrow and then go back up on the following Sunday with the 2 girls. It will be different around here with kids missing for long periods of time but they need the time on the lake and with Grandpa and Grandma. Oh I have to get going as there is stuff to get done. Later..

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