Sunday, February 28, 2010


Nate coming at you on his cruiser.
Nate pulling a 3rd place in this moto in the USAC Jr race.
Nate pulling a manual down the 3rd straight.
Bill and I going into turn 2.
My 2nd moto and I held off Carey to make it to the main. Pictures again taken by Guy.
Today we raced at the barn and had a great time. Plus had a chance to hang with some fun people. Nate raced his butt off today as he raced 4 categories. He raced the USAC Jr Development race and tied for 3rd but a tie breaker moved into 4th. He raced awesome today and is looking faster each time he gets on the track. Then he raced open and took a 1st place, a 2nd place in the cruiser and just missed making the 20 inch main. I took a 3rd in both cruiser and 20 inch today. I just made it to the main in the cruiser and rolled it out and then in the 20 I was just rolling it out and 2 racers touched and bobbled and I took a few hard pedal strokes and moved form 5th to 3rd. Good day of racing and now it is time to prepare for the shoulder surgery on Thursday. Later..

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Nate and I hit day 1 of the bmx races tonight and he took a 3rd in open, a 3rd in cruiser and a 4th in 20 inch class. I raced to fill some classes and took a 2nd in 20 inch and a 3rd in cruiser. Then Nate went home with Fred and Bernie to spend the night there. Nice as he gets to sleep in and I have to drive home and back. I have not driven to or from the bmx track for 2 months and I have to say I don't miss it. The girls are at Cece's mothers house for the night so we have a nice quite house and that I have to say is real nice. Now time to have a beer and watch some Olympics. Later..

Friday, February 26, 2010

Less then 1 week

After today there is less then 1 week until the shoulder surgery and less then 1 day of work left. I am working a 1/2 day on Monday and then taking the afternoon off as I have a 1/2 day of carryover vacation that I need to use or lose it and being that I am taking off Tuesday to run some errands and then Wednesday I have to wait for the delivery of my PT chair of pain and the special sling to be delivered. So in no time I will in the world of pain but on the track to getting the shoulder back to normal. I am both happy that the shoulder is going to get fixed but on the other hand I have heard that there is going to be a ton of pain. Oh well I guess I better get a few bullets and suck it up. The word form the Doctor is that there is a 4 to 6 month recovery from the surgery, meaning no work and no chances of really jamming it like crashing in a race so the season is going to be over really before it starts. But I will still be able to ride just not race so I hope to put in a ride or two once the OK is given. But now I may as well enjoy a beer and that to will be less likely to happen in the coming few weeks to. Later..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pic's from Guy last night

Here are a few pictures that Guy got of Nate last night. He didn't get any of Nate laying on the ground after his crash but we can only hope that he gets one next time. Nate said he was sore today and he is doing OK and should be ready for the weekend. My shoulder felt good today and the pain is turning into a ache and I can tolerate that till the surgery. I hope that it holds up so I can get a good night of sleep tonight as that has been tough for the last couple of weeks and it will only get worse in the weeks to come. Off to lay down and get some rest. Later..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Nate and I went to gate practice and Nate had his first day of driving in the snow. He did alright and I only had to tell him to leave more space from the car in front of us a few times. Once there all I did was drop gates as the race season is done for me. The shoulder is fried and with the surgery on Thursday I just don't have anything left in it. All good though as I had fun racing and I look forward to getting back to it in 5 to 6 months. Nate took a killer spill today as he was at full speed and did a nose wheelie and the went over the bars head first into the triple. He hit hard and walked away and went right back in to the gates. Tough as I would had laid there and cried. Then we went out to eat with Russell, Ray and few of Ray's friends for some awesome Mexican treats. Nice company and fun times. Now I need to tr to sleep as that is tough with the shoulder. Later..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New stuff coming

The device above is a Kinex ThermoComp that helps keep the cold on the shoulder a steady amount that keeps the pain down along with the swelling to. Not looking forward to it at all.

This is the Kinex Continuous Passive Motion chair in the picture above starts moving the shoulder the day after the surgery and I have to sit in for a few hours a day. It helps keep the muscles and tendons loose and prevents them from causing issues like stiffness and most of all a possible frozen shoulder. I will refer to this chair and the chair of pain as from what I hear that is what it will be causing for a few months. Boy this is some crazy crap to go through for for this stupid shoulder injury. I hope it all goes well and I am back to work and riding ASAP. Later..

Monday, February 22, 2010

T Minus 10

A snap shot of what will be done in 10 days.

Yeah there are 10 days till I have the SLAP Tear in the left shoulder taken care of. I can't wait to get it done as trying to left my arm or anything for that fact is so painful I can not describe it, not like I have been in pain before. I can pull up and push down but lifting anything kills me. Most days are OK but there are some like this morning with the weather change that just made the shoulder stiff and achy. By the end of the day I felt better but it still reminds me that it is jacked up every now and then to keep it real. I have been reading up on the SLAP Tear on line and I have to say this is going to be a 4 to 6 month healing process. But I will listen and not push it as I don't want to take and steps back to prevent me from working and riding. Now I need another Vicadin and some rest. Later..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bust'n it at the barn

Nate and Jac going done straight 2. Nate got Jac in turn 2 with a nice low high move to claim the 2nd overall.
Nate on his cruiser on the 3rd straight.

Nate on his 20 on straight 3.

Chris and myself going down the 2nd straight and I got Chris in turn 2 with a low high and finished 1st overall in the end. Pictures taken by Guy.

Nate and I headed to the barn for some fun and fast racing. We got there and I got us paid for and then Nate asked me if I signed him up for the open and I said no, he asked if he could and said here is the money go for it. He did and then it was warm up time and then hit the gates. I took a few to try to be nice to the sore shoulder and it paid off as it felt OK during the races. I do have to say I can't wait to get it taken care of as it is weaker everyday. Well back to the racing as Nate had a good day as he took a 2nd in the open and then another 2nd in cruiser. In his 20 inch class he took a 2nd also and raced the best he has all year. Good hard clean racing for him. I didn't make to the cruiser main today as I bonked the gate and blew it. In the 20 inch I won the first moto with a nice low high on Jim in turn 1 and held it to the finish. In the 2nd moto I did a nice low high on Chris in turn 2 to get a 2nd and that left Jim and I tied going in to the final moto. So I was sitting back a little in the 3rd moto and Jim lost it and went down and I got around him and sat down and rolled in for a 2nd in the moto and taking 1st place overall so it was nice. Now we are just waiting for the snow. Later..

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fish Fry

We went to a fish fry at St Augustine's tonight and I have to say it was a nice deal. The place was packed and the cooks couldn't keep up with the people coming in. We had to wait for a few minutes while they were trying to catch up but it was well worth the wait. To bad Maddie didn't want to come along as she had a friend over and they ate a bag of chips after school so they wanted to stay home as they weren't hungry. Maddie did ask us to bring a dinner home but the line was long and we didn't want to wait so she got nothing. I know we are bad but oh well her choice not to come in the first place, but the reaction of " Where is mine? " and Cece telling her still there as we didn't want to wait was awesome. Maybe next time she will come along. After the dinner we went to Target to get a gift for our nephew's 2nd birthday party. On the way home Jess wanted to stop at Fantasy Gifts to shop, she knew what they sold there . What the heck? That blew my mind. Now time to watch some Olympics. Later..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gate's and more Gate's

Nate and Jac going into turn 1.
Nate laughing and Fred showing a look of fear going into turn 1. Nate loves playing with Fred.

Nate busting a gate during the night.

What a mouth full of jelly belly's look like
Nate looking at his list and taking names. Who's name is at the top? Just joking Nate was counting his jelly beans. But a fun night and random gates at the night to top it off. Good night at the barn again. Awesome pictures by Guy.
Nate is a over night retreat with his school class. I'm hoping that we don't get a call that he is goofing off. I know he will behave and participate in the retreat. But most important is that he learns something while he is there. That's All. Later..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going under the knife

Got the call today and I'm having the surgery the shoulder on March 4th. Then it is any where from 4 to 6 months of recovery and rehab. Going to be a fun summer I think. Just want the pain to go away and be able to lift the arm again. Later..

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


How could that be that I had a physical today and it was fat Tuesday. I stopped by the bakery as I do every year for a dozen Puczki's. I was good as I only ate 1 all day before the physical. I don't think it would had mattered as I weighed less this time then I did at my last one 3 years ago. It was only 4 pounds but it was lighter none the less. The rest of the tests went fine and I got a clean bill of health. I did get a prescription filled for the pain in the shoulder. The funny thing was that my Doctor fell the other day and broke his arm and is seeing the same Doctor that is taking care of my shoulder, so he must be good. But I am still waiting to hear from the Doctor about the next step. I will call the office tomorrow if I don't hear anything by noon. Just have to get it over with. But I did eat 3 Puczki's now today and I'm going to take on a bag of M&M's that I got for 1/2 price at Walgreen's waiting for the prescription to be filled. Time to live it up and eat #4 Puczki now as I have another year before my next physical. Now I'm off to a school board meeting. Later..

Monday, February 15, 2010

SLAP tear

Here is a you tube film of the surgery that the Doctor is recommending for me. Great, just what I need another surgery on top of the 47 plus I already have had. I have a Labral Tear or as it is called a SLAP tear. Oh well let's have done and get to work getting better. Thanks stupid trailer at work. Later..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pictures from today

Nate firing out of the gate in his cruiser class race. He finished 3rd overall when the dust settled.
Nate firing out on his 20 inch to finish 2nd in the open.
Nate riding a manual over the double on the 3rd straight.

Nate pulling a manual on his 20 inch bike in the 20 inch class. He finished 3rd in that to.

Me riding in the 2o inch main. Awesome pictures were taken by Guy. I finished 2nd and was just happy with that as the shoulder is just not letting me pull out of the gate good. I can't wait to get it taken care of. Nate ended up with a 3rd in 20 inch class, Cruiser and a 2nd in open. I missed the cruiser main but making the 20 and getting a 2nd was fine. Now time to watch the Olympics I DVR'd. Later..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Still waiting

I was waiting for the Doctor to call me and I finally called the office after not hearing from him about the MRI. The lady at the office said that I was to make a follow up the other day. I did not hear that at the appointment on Monday but all good as I have a appointment on Monday to get the results and the options to what will be needed. I talked to a lady about the results and if she could give any answers to the results. She stated that there are some concerns that there is muscle damage, tendon damage, and joint damage. There are options and the Doctor will go over them and tell me what is best. But an operation is one of them along with some therapy and shots of some type. But I find out Monday afternoon and I am prepared for anything as lifting the arm up and sleeping is getting tough.

Then last night was our team meeting and got a few things done and now we are looking forward to the race season to start. Can't believe that the racing will be starting in like 3 weeks with the Kenosha races. But as always a bunch of trash talking and a few beers and wine were on the menu. I was lucky as Nate came along so I had a designated driver for the way home so I had 1 more then I needed for once and did not have to worry. I like that.

Today I ran a few errands and bought Cece a nice carpet steam cleaner for Valentine's Day so she is happy. I was glad that Maddie and Jess came along as Maddie was able to carry the thing in and out of the store as my shoulder was not liking it. Then it was get home and the kids asking me to take them sledding, but to go chores needed to be done and they got right on them and got them done. Then it was off to the sledding hill and they had fun and we watched a few kids run over a few kids not paying attention and a few go over a little jump and them land and bust their ass and lay there. Good time and fun to watch. Now they are upstairs watching SAW 6. I will have to catch it later as I had to grill the tenderloin witch would had caused me to miss to much. Sounds as good as the first 5 so I am looking forward to seeing it. Now time to watch the Olympics. Later..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Film of Russell practicing bmx'n

Here is a short film of Russell as he puts it blasting out of the gate. Russell was thinking his speed would cause him to be blurry and that i would have to slow down the movie. But I almost had to speed it up as he was going to slow. Maybe it is all that practicing he is doing on those Tosa trails. But I had to stop the film short as the next gate was getting ready to drop and I couldn't film the blasting speed of Russell's finish. Enjoy. Later..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Practicing bike'n on the little bikes

Tina flying over the table. She makes it look so easy.
Nate and Fred watching TW crash again and again and again.

Nate hitting the triple down the 1st straight into turn 1.

Tonight Nate and I hit up some gate practice at the barn in Elkhorn. He has been working on pedaling over the double at the start of the 1st straight as it was where he was loosing some ground to the others there. He got it down good by the end of the practice and was carrying more speed around the track and I think that he will be fighting for some top spots now.

I hit a lot less gates then I would like as the shoulder is tender, the pain is going away each day but it still aches. I think that the inflammation of the stuff that was torn off inside is feeling better but still very weak. When I try to lift stuff I can't but when I pull up it is OK. I'm still waiting for the Dr. to call with any info to what is going on with the shoulder but I haven't yet. If I don't hear anything tomorrow I will give him a call after work. Now I need to try to get to sleep. Later..

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Healing up

The side of the knee that got the handle bar end during the race on Sunday seems to be doing OK. Well I think it is healing and there is not an infection or any thing going on yet. I have been putting antibiotics into it to keep it good and cleaning it in the morning and nights to help it to. The butterfly bandage seems to do OK but when I bend the knee the wound opens and that is why they can't stitch it as it would just damage the skin graft. So I hope in the next 2 to 3 months that it will take to heal that it goes good.

The shoulder is feeling OK today and I still have not heard anything about the MRI that I had done yesterday, but no news is good news I guess. Well I know that it is jacked up as I tried to pick up a 5# weight on a scale with the bum shoulder and I couldn't. So there is something wrong and it is looking like a torn rotator cuff. But I just have to wait and see.

The kids and Cece did shovel the snow this morning as they wanted me to give the shoulder a break. Then the kids had to go to school and then I got the call at 12:45 from Maddie that school was getting out at 1:10 so I had to run and throw them in the back of the work van and take them home. They did shovel again when they got home from school and now 5 hours later we are looking at another 5 inches that they are going to go out and take care of in a little while. I feel bad as I usually take the snow blower out and clear the walks of the 4 houses of 80 year old ladies but I didn't want to irritate the shoulder. So maybe next time I will have Nate do it after I show him and I can trust him with it. Now time to watch the snow fall. Later..

Monday, February 08, 2010


Today I had an MRI to see what happened in the shoulder when it popped pulling the trailer forward at work last week Monday. The pain is better now then it was last week but it still hurts when I do certain movements. The Doctor told me during the visit I had before the MRI that it appears that I may have a torn rotator cuff from the early indications he seen. I hope that is not the case and only rehab may be in order but the way it feels and the way the Doctor looked that will not be the case. Oh well what ever it is I need it to be taken care of as just sitting, sleeping and mainly just about all other movements cause some degree of pain right now.

Hope that we don't get that much snow as with the bum wing that will suck. I may need to have Nate do most of the work to get it done and maybe even send heaven for bid Maddie and Cece out to help. But I know in any case the snow removal will get done. I am kind of surprised that TMJ 4 news has not been all day scaring the crap out of people that it might snow tomorrow. I did see a brief news break at the Doctors office at 1:15 about what the DPW is going to do if it snows. Kind off a joke as that channel will stay on and scare you all day if it snows. Kind of funny. Well time to ice the shoulder. Later..

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hang'n at the Barn

Nate has to race one of the fastest if not the fastest classes at the barn. Heck it maybe the fastest as when the these guys race the open and are in the 17 and over they have won it. But Nate had a stacked 20 inch class and then had gate 8 and just missed making the main. He made the cruiser main and took a 3rd in that though. Nate raced well both days and is getting faster and hopefully he will get to that point of pushing the winners at the line soon.

I raced and was just taking it easy to just make the mains. I did that but I still was crashed 2 twice. Maybe I should just hang it out as that is when I seem to miss the crashes. But in the first 20 qualifier I was taken out from behind and as you see the other guys handle bar put a nice deep cut in the skin graft. But I was OK and made the main on the next moto. I Also had to run the 2nd moto in cruiser and easily made the main in cruiser. I was watching Nate and Payton duke it out in their race and then the gate dropped for my main and I was late and ended up taking 3rd in cruiser. In my 20 main I bonked the gate but was moving up on the second straight and 2 guys next to me crashed and one hit my rear wheel causing me to crash again. I got up and still finished 4th but I was moving into 2nd before that all happened. But all good and there is next week. Cece put some sterile strips on it and some antibiotics in it to clean it and that seems to be doing the job. Later..

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Here and there

Here is a short film of the random gate drop at practice Wednesday night. TW took a good tumble out of the gate but he got up and was alright.

I got up and got Nate off to Indiana with Bryan, Payton and Hailey for some bmx racing at the Hobart track. Nate is racing his 20 inch class, cruiser and a USAC Jr Development race again. He is looking forward to racing the Jr race again and I hope he does well again. It is also the Race For Life race today and that makes it a double point race. They have a triple point race tomorrow but they are heading home tonight to race at Elkhorn tomorrow. I'm hoping to hear from Nate some time this afternoon to get the results.

After Nate was gone I got my workouts in and then got a hair cut from Cece. I needed one as the last one was 2 months ago when I got it just about shaved off. It is short now but still longer then when I get it cut for the summer. Then it was run to Sam's Club for some much needed items. I have to say there are some real freaky people out there. The one lady kept taking frozen food and put it in her cart and then leave it in coolers and on shelves. I grabbed a few and put it back and then when I passed her and told her I glad to put the items she was leaving every where away she gave me the stink eye. But I did not see her leave anything else out where it did not belong. Then it was off to Pick & Save for the few items and last stop to Sara Lee for some Market Day items. Now I'm sitting back watching the Daytona Qualifying. Oh I love that the NASCAR season is about to begin. Later..

Friday, February 05, 2010

Bmx'n this weekend

Nate at Elkhorn hoping that he races well at the Steel Wheels bmx track tomorrow.

Nate is heading to Hobart tomorrow thanks to Bryan and Payton picking him up to race the double point race and the USAC Jr Development race. Payton was talking about heading to the Hobart track to race and Nate asked if they had room and they said yeah and that he could claim a spot and tag along. He is looking forward to the racing and then get home to do it all over again and race at the Elkhorn track on Sunday. I thought about going down but with the shoulder jacked up I don't want to be tempted to race and I can't sit and watch as that would kill me. Thanks Bryan and Payton for making Nate's day by taking him. Tonight it is off to the bookstore to get a book for Maddie and her World History class and the kids want to go to the mall to spend some of my hard earned money. Great. Later..

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Those who like long races

Hit the link above and put your name in the hat. It is free and the 1st 100 are racing this year. They say 70 to 85 percent single track and never the same dirt twice. Good luck to those who try it. Later..

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Gate drops

Nate and I loaded the bmx bikes and hit gate practice tonight. With the shoulder jacked up I dropped more gates then I rode. It felt better today but I have a orthopedic Dr. looking at it on Monday. Going to have a MRI done on it hopefully to see what it left of it as it feels like garbage right now. On Monday I tried to pull the prover trailer forward to put it on the hitch and it made a popping sound and hurt like hell. Well I hope it is just a sprain or something but it feels more like a rotater cuff maybe damaged. Just keeping the fingers crossed right now.

But Nate looked better and he was really getting out of the gate fast tonight. He kills me and most others that line up with him. We can't wait till the 2 bmx Nationals this summer to race the best in the area and see where we stand. Later..

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

BS open film

Here is a short film that Brad took of some of the moto's leading to the BS open main. Some good fast racing can be seen buy these old guys. Enjoy. Later..

Monday, February 01, 2010

Nate's USAC Jr Development Race

Here is the USAC Jr Development races that Nate raced yesterday. Brad the father of the racer that won the race took the film and posted it. Nate is #33 on the yellow bike. He ended up 4th overall at the end. Thanks Tina for finding it today. Later..