Friday, June 10, 2011

Beat Down

Well last night the Beat Down went down. There was a smaller crew but a good crew. The gang hung together till the turn off of Janesville Rd. Then Joe got to the front and the pace clicked up a few notches. I was able to hang on the fast group for a while as we were just a few yards off and then we caught a break as cars at a stop sign gave us the chance to get back on the group. But that lasted for only a little while as the pace was to fast and I adjusted my seat angle and by that time my bad leg was giving me issues. So I rode in with Craig and Keith. Thanks to them I was able to sit in as the leg was really bad by the end where I had stand almost the entire time I pedaled. But again Nate had no issue keeping up with Joe, Aaron and Mike as that was what was left out of the group by the end. In all the temps were fine and the ride was a good one.

Tomorrow it is the Trek 100 for Nate and the ISCorp team. He is looking forward to just riding and hanging with the guys and not having to race. Then it is a well earned weekend off of no racing as starting next Friday it will be start of the Tour of Americas Dairyland. It should be a fun one as Nate is racing all the races plus the Jr races on the weekends. I took the week off to enjoy the races and watch Nate race. Check out the races and come and watch a few. Nate will be racing the Jr 15-18 races and the cat 2/3 races. Later..

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