Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ToAD 5

Today was the Schlitz Park crit. Scott and I talked yesterday and decided that this was going to be Nate's day off from the racing. But Joesy and Gage still were racing. We got there in plenting of time to see all the races till after the Cat 2/3 race and get out of there just as the rain was going to start. Gage had a good race as he finished 26th and Joesy was 36th. Nate just chilled and watched some good racing and rested his legs. I hope that Peter is doing good as he went down hard in turn 1 in the cat 2/3 race. Now it is another drive as the time trial is in Ripon and Nate goes off at 9:00 am and Joesy around the same time. Gage is taking the day off and going along for the ride. See you at the races. Later..

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