Sunday, June 05, 2011

State Road Race.

How Nate felt after drilling it up the to win the field sprint.

Nate and Peter at the front of the field.

Nate and Lionel leading the field up the hill.

Nate at the front again going up the Hill.
Nate in the start area before the race.

Today was the State Championship Road Race in Lyons. There are a few nice hills out there and all I have to say is that I am glad that I don't have to race up them. But Nate did and he finished 3rd today in the Jr 17-18 year olds. Nate hada a good race as he just pulled in a break when Pat and Ben took off and got a gap. Nate just missed it so he was fine that Ben was in there and sat in the field and then jumped up the hill hard and took the field sprint for the last spot on the boxes. A great job today by Nate and now a nice hard week and then rest before the start of the ToAD races. Later...

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