Friday, June 03, 2011


After a nice rest day after the Gun Show on Tuesday, well I did wash the cars and truck and then waxed the truck which is a huge job in it self. But I have been wanting to get that done for a while now as with all the racing that Nate has been doing I have put it off. Then yesterday it was a nice day for the Beat Down ride. I felt good for once and that may have been because of all the riding I did over the weekend or the fact that nobody tried to fly off the front all ride and everyone rode real nice together. But in the end it was a fast ride and a smooth one that I wish would happen every Thursday but hey having a ride like last night here and there is nice too. Hell being old like I am and trying to keep up with the fast guys is a tough too but I will keep going till they haul me away. Then today was a early call to the airport to test a fuel truck and then a few gas pumps. After work Nate and I took a nice easy ride along the lake and now we are just relaxing before the State Championship Road Race. See you on the road as I am falling asleep as I type. Later..

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