Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gun show 6/14

A happy face rolling in with the fast group.

Again great food after a nice ride.

Still hanging with the fast guys.

Rolling along the bike path before the show starts.

Riding down one of the pot holed streets to the start of the gun show.

Last night was another gun show training ride and as always the pace was brisk. With a pretty stiff wind the ride out was rolling along at 30 plus mph for a good long stretch. I was able to find Marks wheel and hung there for a good part of it and enjoyed the ride. Then Maciej got a flat tire and the group stopped and waited while he changed the flat. Myself, Joe, Forest, Shelly and one other guy rolled up the road so we got a little further when the group caught us. Well Joe went to the front and pulled us at a pace that I think I blew up at least 7 times. The group was nice to wait up and let me get to the back and recover before blowing up again and again. The rest of the group caught us about 3 miles from the finish and then we rolled in with them. It was nice to roll in with the fast guys for once even if i didn't ride the entire ride with them. It may never happen again so I will bask in the glory if riding in with the fast group. Nate and I will miss the next gun show as Nate has 15 Toad races in the next 10 days to tackle instead. Then it will be back to the gun show for some fun. Later..

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