Friday, June 24, 2011

ToAD 7

Today was the crit in Fond du Lac and as always the flat course made for a fast race. Today we sent Joesy on his way with his parents and we miss im already. But we are replacing his spot with Kevin in the house. Never a dull moment at our house. So that left us with Gage in the cat 4/5 race today. He had a awesome race as he sat in the front and made the move to take a $50.00 prime and the stayed in the front to finish a strong 20th place in the race. Then it was Nate up next and he sat in the front for most of the race and tried to go off the front a few times only to be pulled back in and in the end he was sitting in the front and the field came around and he was boxed in and fought back for a 14th place finish for a spot in the money. Good day of racing as he stayed upright and no crashes so it was a good day. Tomorrow is the great Downer Ave race and Nate raced at 11:20 in the Jr race and then 2:20 in the cat 2/3. Come see some fast and great racing. Later..

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