Thursday, June 23, 2011

ToAD 7

Today was the ToAD race in Sheboygan. What a day is all I have to say WOW what a day. I am just happy for a lot of really nice people around that make things that can go wrong seem so easy to deal with. Well it was raining and that makes for a crappy race to start with and then the crashes add to the fun.

Gage and Joesy went off first in the cat 4/5 race and with the rain it was a nice pace and Joesy was sitting on the front of the field or a few spots back. Gage ws doing good and tried to go for a prime and was just nipped at the line. Then Gage moved back int he pack and then off the pace and was pulled about 3/4 the way through the race. Joesy was hanging on and then was crashed on got the wheel pit and got a new wheel and was back at the front in no time. Then on the last lap he pushed it as hard as he could and finished 15th in the race. He was not hurt and the bike is fine so a good day.

Nate now was sitting great during the race and was 4th wheel and a guy goes down and Nate does to. He came back to the medical tent and tells Joe that he is done? I go there and say wrap it and try to race. Nate looks at me and says OK and gets back in the race. Well he gets back to the front and is sitting 2nd or 3rd wheel and crashes again. Gets to the pits and takes a new rear wheel and goes back in. But comes back to the wheel pit as the wheel he got wasn't good and goes back at it again. He then chills for a bit and then with 5 to go he tries to fly off the front and they chase him down and he chills a bit more. With 3 to go starts to move back near the front and takes a 8th in the field sprint. Good day but then I found Marni ( my Dr from my accident 18 yrs ago ) and she stitched Nate up. I owe her a few beers as she did a great job. Now were are relaxing before the race tomorrow in Fond du Lac. Later..

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