Sunday, June 26, 2011

ToAD 9

Nate after he received his yellow overall Jr 15-18 year old series.

The gang with Nate and his jersey.

The gang chill'n during the races.

Chris doing an awesome job as always getting Nate back in the race.

Nate in the cat 2/3 race before he was taken out again.

Today was the last ToAD race. I have to say it has been a long week of racing and crashes. But it has been a fun time to hang with Nate and the ISCorp kids and team. What a awesome group. Today it was more of the same as Nate raced the Jr race in the morning and just sat in and finished 5th as he had a 5 point lead in the overall and in the end won the Yellow Jersey as the Jr overall champ. Then it was recover as much as he could then line up for the cat 2/3 race. He was sitting nicely in the pack when some guy sticks his front tire in the back of Nate's bike and rips off his derailler and Nate then got the the SRAM pit and got a spare bike to finish the race. He sat near the front but then settled in the middle and just finished with the pack to stay safe. Fun racing and glad it is done. Now time to chill and recover. Thanks for the great race series ToAD and ISCorp for the support. See you on the road. Later..

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