Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Gun Show 6/7

Pictures taken by Ronsta.

Last night Nate and I headed out to Ron's for the Gun Show once again. On the way out I told Nate I was hoping for a few of the others to show up so we had a nice group for the B ride. Well There was no others as Nate said on the way out that the eat will probably keep some of the others away. It was a hot one and the pace was brisk but not to hyper fast and I hung on for 42 minutes or for those that have done it, where the hills start and the attacks go. I looked back and the others that did fall off were nowhere in sight so it was ride it in on my own. I took the usual shorter route and made it back before the fast group and just as Adam pulled in. then it was off to Fuzzy's for some post ride food and as always Ron took us to a great spot for food. Later..

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