Monday, June 20, 2011

ToAD 4

Nate, Kevin and Mitch going up the hill at the start of the race.

Joe going for the sprint and I think he ended up 2nd in the Master's 3/4 race.

Matt coming up the hill for the final sprint in the cat 4/5 race.

Heidi rolling up the hill at the start of the women's cat 4/5 race. At the end of her race Heidi took 2nd overall, great race.

Joe and Ben leading the master's racers riding up the hill at the start of the Master's race.

Myles rolling up the hill in the cat 4/5 race.

Today was day 4 of the ToAD races. It was the the 50 mile cat 2/3 road race in Greenbush. We got up a 5am to get to the race and make sure that Myles got in the race again as the cat 4/5 field hit the 80 racer limit again. Well after a nice warm up Nate and the gang toed the line for their 50 mile 5 lap race. As did Myles and Gage in their races as Joesy took the day off today. The race was held in near perfect weather as the rain was happening at home it was hazy up there. Again I had about 5 people that needed hand ups so it was nice that Jeremey, Steve and Craig were there to give the helping hand to get it done. The race wore on and the kids raced well and stayed near the front. With 1 to go and the last of the hand ups we waited for the races to end. First was the cat 4/5 and as we were watching there was a crash and Myles was caught up in it and ended up rolling in and taking a 37th and then Gage was not in the crash but rolled in a few seconds later at 42 out of 80 in the cat 4/5. Then it was time to watch for Nate and they rounded the corner and the sprint was on and Kevin took 4th and then Nate was 10th and Peter rolled in at 37th. I missed where the others finished as I was getting cold and wet and we took off. Tomorrow it the Schlitz park race but Scott is giving Nate a day off as he thinks that Nate needs a day off and let the crash and miles on legs get some rest to heal. So then it is back at it in Ripon for the ITT. Now I need to go fold some clean kits and wipe a few bikes down. Later..

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