Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Gun show 5/31

Pictures taken by Ronsta.

Nate told me even after a weekend of hard racing that he did not want to go the track but instead wanted to go to the Gun Show. I guess the guys on the ride have made an impression on Nate and he wants to do that group ride. We will hit the track soon but Nate is liking the Gun Show ride too. Last night was a smaller group and at one point Nate G crossed Nat's front wheel and Nate crashed. He was disappointed not from the crash but that he scuffed up the carbon on the bottom of his new shoes more. But in all it was a good ride again as In the small group it was just Claire and I and we took the shorter route and beat the group home which is awesome in our books. Then is was some great food again as this time it was Jimmy Grotto's and something I think called a Ponzo? But what ever it was it was awesome. Got to get that deal again after one of the rides for sure. No ride tonight just chill'n. Later..

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