Friday, June 17, 2011

ToAD day 1

Today was ToAD day 1 of racing . Nate was sitting in the sweet spot for the first half of the race and then he rolled a tire off and went down. He is missing half the skin off his butt and his calf is sore from the crash. He got a new tire from the SRAM guys and jumped back in. As he rode by he just looked done and his butt was showing from the crash but he raced on. After the race he said he was spent as the wheel he got was not working and it was stuck in the 52 x 16. Now it is hard enough to race Jr gears now try to race the cat 2/3's in a tougher spinning gear. He sat up in the end and rolled in with the field as he kept trying to move up but he was just spun out at 30 mph. Oh well there is more racing tomorrow and we will just have to try to push this past and keep rolling. Thanks Mike Weber for the new wheel today and the new shorts since the other ones are ruined. See you at the races. Later..

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