Sunday, June 19, 2011

ToAD 3

Nate standing in the overall leaders spot in the Jr class.

Nate on the top box.

Nate taking the win.

Kevin and Nate working together to stay away.

Gage on the front with Nate and Kevin in tow before they took off.

Today was the 3rd day of racing ToAD. We got there nice and early to make sure that Myles got a spot in the race as yesterday he was a little late and the cat 4 field was full. We got there and the rain started and I was living on the I Phone checking the weather. It showed a short but heavy rain so it looked good. We got Myles in his race and then got ready for the Jr race. Nate was racing the Jr race as Joesy and Myles were just racing their cat 4 race. Nate lined up and he and Kevin took off on lap 2 and got a gap and increased it until they had a nice gap and held it to the finish and Nate took the win with Kevin rolled in 2nd. Then he toed the line for the cat 2/3 race and was as he said chilling at the back. Good spot as he was caught in a crash and had to take a free lap. I pushed him into the front and and he said there but in the end he rolled in 26th. good day of racing and now we have to head to Greenbush for the 50 mile road race. Later..

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