Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gun Show

Last night it was back to the normal riding after a 11 day run all over and race riding. Nate and I loaded the bikes and headed to Waukesha for the Gun Show ride. I asked Nate how the legs felt after a 1 day of rest and if the ride is what he wanted to do and he said yeah he wanted to go. I offered the track and he said no to that again. Thinking that the track may not happen this year which is to bad as it is always fun to watch. But I don't miss the bugs and all the mosquitoes. But Nate took his bike to the shop and put new cables, housing, chain and did a complete over haul on the entire bike yesterday and got home a little late causing us to just roll up as the ride was getting ready to leave. We made it and as always he hung on the fast group and did his pulls and tossed it down a few times. I hung on as long as I could and then rolled in with the other 5 that did and we had our nice ride again. Then it was a ice cold Blatz and off to the D'Mo's for some great pizza. I will post pictures later when I steal them from Ron when he puts them up. Later..

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