Sunday, June 28, 2009

1st road win of the year

Yesterday the morning started out with a nice thunder storm. As the day went on it got nice and I hit the road for a nice spin. As I was heading out the skies turned black and you could see the rain coming. When I felt the first rain drop I turned around and raced the rain back. I could feel it hit the road behind me every now and then and I just pushed the pedals harder and sped ahead. I got home and missed the rain. As always though it was a brief rain and missed many area except where I was riding. I did notice a few things on the ride though. 1.) Rednecks like to drive fast. 2.) Rednecks drive real close to you when passing. 3.) There are a lot of empty beer cans on the side of the road. 4.) There is a pissed off Red Wing black bird as it chased me on the way out and the way in. 5.) There are a lot of nice long hills to ride. Can't wait for more time on the bike.

Today we are getting ready to get the boys as they are cutting the hay in the field. They got up early to get the job done so they play all day. We are going to head to the American Legion Baseball Breakfast in a few minutes and then got on the pontoon for the day. I love being on vacation. Have to run. Later..

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