Wednesday, June 17, 2009

To Do List

I have a list 10 miles long and got a start on it and tons to do.
Brake job on the car after work done in 40 minutes. New rotors on thanks to the sweet hook up from Coop.
New stem on the Tarmac as the one on it was a tad long for Nate.
Got the results typed up for Nate for the road camp. That took 2 hours. Nate is out for a road ride right now as Brandon and Jordan just left.
Then we got tot get the bmx gear bags packed for the races that we leave tomorrow at noon. I took a half day off so we can get there to race tomorrow night and then race on Friday before the National event on Saturday.
Then we have to get home and load up to get Nate to the Road camp.
Got tons of crap top do. Later..

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