Saturday, June 06, 2009


I got the call that I knew would happen and that was Len and Dan were going to bail on me for the race tomorrow. All fine though as I have 3 bikes loaded in the car right now for the race. My geared bike the 29er single speed and a Milwaukee single speed from Ben's to take for fast guy Joe to demo. Plus I have some extra wheel sets along for the mud. So after getting a nice single speed ride in this morning I got the pool cleaned and the lawn cut, always something on the list to get done before you can play.

Then I wandered over to the heading to the bike polo tourney that was going on a few miles away. Those guys got some mad skills and it was a blast to watch. While there I ran into the famous Fat Man Gary Crandell from the fat tire 40. He and his wife were in town to watch their son play bike polo. I took Gary to Ben's as he always heard about the shop and wanted to see it. He was floored by the coolness of the shop and all. Gary and I talked for awhile then I headed back to the shop to get the SS for Joe. Super cool guy is all I have to say and I'm stoked to race his race in the fall again. Time to read the new COG. Get a copy at Ben's. Later..

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