Thursday, June 04, 2009

Beat Down

It was a double treat tonight as we got the pleasure of being pulled along at a leisure pace of 27 plus for a good long time. Then the hills came and the fast guys blew us away and went on as we regrouped and worked our way back. It was stated that all the guys in our group were old and the guys that got away were just a bunch of punks and Joe. Great time and a blast again, you don't know what your missing, if in the area join us.

Then after the ride we got to see 2 kids go at it for a few seconds before a lady in car yelled at them and they stopped fighting. The best was as the one that was getting his ass handed to him walked past and Coop tells him he was lucky that the lady stopped the fight as he was getting a good old ass kicking. The punk then mouths off and everyone laughed at him as the punk was telling Coop he was going to throw a brick through his truck windshield. Always something to entertain you. Tomorrow is a easy ride and Jessie's sports banquet, then get ready for Wausau. So much other stuff on the plate that my head is spinning. Later..

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