Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crystal Ridge

Today I got done with work and picked up Jessica and dropped her off for a hair cut. The new do looks great, and Cece went there and picked her up after she got out of her meeting. Nice to have a family friend who cuts hair and you can leave the kid there until one of us can get her later. Then I got home and had time to throw some weights around, wash my car, cut the grass and then load the bike and gear and get to the Wed night time trials. I felt kind of flat at the start and but as the race went on I felt better and raced rather well for me. Thanks to everyone encouraging me during the race. 3rd in age ( Joe and Greg beat me ) and 7th overall. Felt good and then I went to Kopps and got a double burger and fries to reward myself. Now I feel like I ate a cow, I think I need some ice cream to wash it down. See you at the beat down. Later..

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