Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cool pictures from the weekend by Brad and othr crap

Nate hamming it up for Brad.
Pulling a nice manual.
Just no effort for someone that has skills.
I never leave the ground as I'm afraid of hitting it after making contact again.
I did get the win in this race on Saturday morning. Len and another got into each other while I was doing a low high in turn 2. In turn 3 I went around the top and Len below him and I took the win and Len rolled in 2nd. Nice way to start the day.

Brad seems to be in the right spot for some of the best pictures. I look like I'm scared as hell and Nate looks like it is just another ride in the park. I have to say if you have never tried or raced bmx you have to give it a shot as you race against guys your age and the same ability. Some are faster and better but they win and move up and you get better and faster and win and move up. I really like it and it is a great skill and sprint builder. Plan on making it part of the race season this summer for Nate and I and of course the entire winter like always.

Nate is having fun at camp and he said he as learned a lot. He had some skills classes in the morning yesterday and then a group ride 60 miles in the hills of La Crosse. He did say the up hill climbing was not fun but the down hills at 50 plus miles per hour were. Several of the other riders did crash along the way but Nate had no issues. He also stated that he didn't get dropped and made the entire ride. Several others did fall off the pace but he made it, always a good start to camp. Today was a 2 part time trial in the morning and then another 60 plus mile group ride int he afternoon. Hope the 95 degree day didn't melt them to the road. Tomorrow is the power meter test and another long group ride in the afternoon. Hope he makes it through it all and enjoys the camp.

Today I had to work outside in the hot weather and I drank a gallon of water and a Cokes and still felt dehydrated by the end of the work day. After that Cece and I picked up the truck as it was getting a oil change and the door signal switch went out and the interior lights stayed on and drained the battery, can you say $325.00 to get it fixed. Also the rear brakes were almost gone and I hate doing drum brakes so that was another $350.00. They were nice and took a $100.00 off the bill at the end. That is still hard to swallow but needed to be done. Now after Cece and I went out for dinner at Cafe Lulu's I noticed that there was some fluid on the ground were the Monte Carlo was stopped prior to pulling in the garage and looked under the hood only to find a hose that has a leak in it. Crap another thing to get done tomorrow after work. Will it ever end? I need to get back to my bowl of Snicker Ice Cream before it melts. Later..

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