Monday, June 01, 2009

Tough 1

Just a quick post this morning. The race was going OK till the start. Greg whiffed his pedal went side ways and the gap was formed and Glen and I were off the back chasing on. Winded by the ill on the road I just settled in and tried to recover and pass guys as I went. That worked and I caught Todd and was just getting ready to ride the rest with him. Then as we were passing a group of expert women I caught a pedal on a stump and few over the top on my bars. I sat foe a second to figure out what just happened and then remounted and caught on to the next group and was doing OK. Ate a Cliff Shot and started to feel better and then I had to go around a guy that had his bike in the trail as he finished changing a flat and I hit a rock and got a pinch flat. I looked in the seat bag and I had a tube in the bag from a road bike ride on the crappy bike. I patched the other tube but missed 1 hole and the air leaked out and I had to ride the bike the next 8 miles on a flat. Now I know how Randy feels when he rides, slow and finishing DFL.

Nate finished 6th in Jr X and is still as the cabin for the next 2 weeks. Maddie is there to. Gage was killing it and he also got a flat tire and walked out. Mitch DNS'd as his chain got jammed in between his crank and BB. Hope the next race goes better. Pictures later as the kids fished and caught a few nice fish ( Gage a nice Bass ) and a few logs, trees and tiny fish. Got to get to work. Later..


Anonymous said...

WOW Thats sounded kinda like a rough race :-0 -T

Jay said...

I felt like I was run over by a truck after the drive home. Fell fine today though.

Anonymous said...

Interesting way of putting it, glad your ok, -T :-)