Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday stuff

Today was a awesome day to have a job where you work outside. Just the right temperature and a slight breeze to keep everything in check. Then got done with work and got home and pushed some weights around to show who was boss. Still had some time so I got the fixie out and took it for a ride along the lake. I had some fun as a guy on his bike come strolling along side and went hard to try to drop me. I never changed the cadence and just had the big old smile on as he was always looking back to see if I was clinging to his wheel. Not. But the best was that he was about to blow up and then about 5 blocks later there it was, the big bang and he was done. I just strolled past and had the same old big smile as he was cooked. I just hate that.

Got home and cleaned up and waited for Cece and Jess to slow down for me to jump in the truck and it was off to the Sports Banquet. Jessie's soccer team did OK this year and they did win the tournament that they were in. Jessie got a medal for playing on the team and a medal for taking 1st in the tournament. So after hearing the little kids that were running around and screaming with parents that didn't give a crap, Cece had enough and grabbed the hand of the little beast and took her to her mother, then we never heard another peep out of any of the kids. She scared the other parents into grabbing their little monsters and the rest of the night was OK. Now I need to get the gear bag packed and be ready for the race in Wausau. Later..

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