Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Crazy things

I should had known that today was going to be a crazy day right from the start. Got to work and the boss calls for a meeting in 5 minutes to just talk to us about was was going on. He asked what we needed to make things easier as far as the computer program we use and what we wished it could do. Never before were we asked we were just told to use it and that was it. I think that he is getting soft.

Then while testing some pumps things were just weird from the start. A guy was walking with a winter cap, 1 kids shin guard on, shorts, winter coat and was carrying a jug of fruit juice in his hand all while he was talking to himself the entire time pointing everywhere. Another guy was selling drugs in the corner of the gas station parking lot and one of his buyers walked away after a purchase and dropped his bag of dope. He didn't notice so I picked it up and poured gas on it and tossed in the trash. Boy he is going to be pissed when he checks his pants pocket later. A hooker was trying to turn some tricks across the street and a few cars that drove by were barking and telling her that she should be the one paying, just funny as hell. Also I didn't know that there was so many people that drank at 10 in the morning while walking down the sidewalks. Seen at least 20 people go by in the 2 1/2 hours while I was testing the gas meters. Just happy to live my boring life I guess.

On another note Cece is still at work as there was a shooting 2 blocks away from her school. 2 Police officers stopped a guy that was riding his crappy bike around robbing people. As they were getting out to question him he pulled a gun and shot the 2 Police officers and ran away. The Police gathered by the 100's to look for the guy. The good thing was the kids at her school were gone already but she is still there as the truck has Police tape around it as the shooter ran past it I guess. The Police were able to catch the guy in a house a block away from her school. Just getting way to crazy around her school and I wish she would transfer to one in a better area but she loves her staff and kids. Just keep praying that the Police officers will be OK as one in in critical and the other is satisfactory condition. So that meant no bmx or track for me, I got a quick ride in and then Jess and I had a frozen pizza for dinner. Now we just have to wait for Cece to get home. I hope that things are a little less crazy tomorrow. Later..


Anonymous said...

WOW Sounds like Sams storys when he plumbs in the GHEttooooooo..BMX was cancelled so don't feel bad :-)

The Shed Master said...

That guy is NOT allowed on The Crappy Bike Ride.

Cale said...

you can see that corner from our house, that said i've always felt pretty safe in our neighborhood.