Sunday, June 21, 2009

Empty Nest

Nate showing mad skills and the guy behind is just amased as you can see by the look on his face.
Nate, myself and Bryan after the Thursday night race.

Here are a few pictures from the races this weekend but I will post a race report tomorrow.
There are no kids here and it is nice. Well it is way different with no kids here. Got Nate up to the camp in La Crosse and all is good. No call yet to come and get me but I don't expect one either. It was nice to see a few faces that will be at the road camp while Nate is there. Carrie Ann, Beth and a hall resident that went to Thomas More were there when we got there so Nate was relaxed when we left. He should have some fun and I hope learn a lot and bring his racing up a step or 2. Tomorrow he starts with a Gear check and skills session with a nice group ride in the afternoon. He should be nice and tired by the end of the week but in a lot better shape. Got home and Cece and I went out for some wings and a burger at Beer Belly's. Nice little dinner with no kids. Time to catch up on a few things from the last few days. Later..

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