Friday, June 12, 2009

Full House

Picture from John S at Wausau

My parents and the punks are back home and boy the noise level is up 1,000 percent. I have to say it is nice to have them all home but the freedom and the quite home is nice. My parents are going back tomorrow and they are taking the girls back for another 10 days. It will be noise free again. Nate will be going to the US cycling Jr Development Road camp for 6 days so Cece and I will be kid free for 4 days. Nice. Tomorrow Nate and are going to the BMX state Qualifier as that is what he picked to do. So many cool things this weekend, 12 our race, State crit in Ripon, and the Fat Tire Tour of Milwaukee. But this week coming up it will be Track on Tuesday, Crystal Ridge on Wednesday and the Beat Down on Thursday. Friday it will be Rockford and then Rockford Nationals on Sat. Then I will be driving him to Road camp on Sunday. Wow the summer is going to fly. See some where on the road. Later..

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