Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday funday

I was hoping to get the lawn cut, but this rain has messed that up. Plus when I do get to cut it I will have to bail it up. Who's great idea was it to fertilize it any ways? It is the best it has looked all year as it is nice and green and no weeds but I have to cut it every 2 days. Pool is almost drained and now I have to clean it and get it put away to. Maybe wait to cut the grass till after I do that.

Going to the Ronsta ride tonight, cross race tomorrow and then the last WORS race on Sunday. Glad that is over and then next weekend I am going to go to Elkhorn and help build the bmx track. That should be cool as they get it done in 3 days. Should be fun. Well I have to run to get to Ron's for the ride. Later..

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