Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday CRAP

My Monte Carlo has been making a noise for the past few days and it made a really loud ticking at the race yesterday. I had a gut feeling about a few things that may be going on. Either a manifold, oil pump going, water pump or a head gasket taking a piss. I was a little more concerned this morning when I started the car and the tick was again loud meaning only 1 thing, oil not getting to the top 1/2 of the engine. After driving the punks to school the noise went away and I felt a little better but I still needed to get it checked out. After work the noise was not that loud but I drove it to the shop that does the work on my car and truck. Gary looked under the lid and said leave it here or drop it off in the morning as it appears that the manifold may be leaking. Great that means $ put into the car. Have to have it fixed as we can not be with out it and don't be needing to buy a new one just yet. I just hate not being able to the work on the new cars yourself. Oh well time to just fork it over and get it done.

Then to top it off I have been having to test more taxi's that have had to put newer cars on the road. In Milwaukee you have to have cars that are newer then 10 years old and the Police check is this week so I have had about 4 to 5 a day to check again. Can't wait till they are done. Time to eat. Later..

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