Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Metal Heads

The kids before the metal was pit in.
The kids after the metal was installed.

The TV comes in better in the basement now that the kids have braces. I got up this morning and ran the car to Jeff for a manifold gasket replacement and then dropped Cece off at work. Good thing is that the shop is 2 miles away and Cece's school is only about 3 1/2 miles away from home.
Then I got home and tossed the iron around in the basement before running the kids in for the braces. Once we got there and I left some money on the counter they said OK we will now start the process. I then left them there as it was a few hours and I was again only about 4 miles away from home so I went home and washed the truck and pulled the tomato plants before going back and getting the kids. When back they were just finishing up and it worked perfect. After that we stopped at Ben's to pick up a 10speed cassette for Nate's spare wheels, once done with that we came home and ate lunch.

Then Nate and I tore up the trails for awhile. The legs were still a little messed up from the race on Sunday. They felt a lot better after till I spent the next 2 hours digging up my Cana lilies. Then when done with that I ran Nate to drivers ed and picked Cece up from work. What a long day. I need to go back to work to relax. Now I need a bowl ice cream. Later..

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