Friday, October 02, 2009

Let it snow

I got the deicers done today just before the rain came in the afternoon. Now they are all set for the snow to start falling, but not to soon I hope. I'm glad that it is done as my hands are sore from handling equipment soaked in the stuff for the last week. Now I just have the hydrant trucks to finish at the fuel farm in the middle of the airport using the 1,000 gallon prover. I hope to get them done before the weather turns to cold as I have to sit 20 feet up in the air as we are testing.

Next week I have to go to the Wisconsin Weights and Measures conference in the Dells. I'm going to be the next President of the organization which means that I have to plan the conference for next year. I will be glad when that is over. But it will be a nice few days of just sitting around and learning about vehicle scale testing. We will be at the Chula Vista so that is the nice, also I'm taking the bike to ride around the roads near the resort. Tonight we have a Birthday party for our niece and then a soccer game in the morning for Jess. Got to run. Later..

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