Saturday, October 03, 2009

Long day

I have finally had a chance to stop and relax. This morning right from the start is was run here and run there. Had a soccer game with Jessica, they lost again. Just not aggressive as the kids on the other teams. Also there is only 10 kids on the team and they play 90 to 100% of the game and the other teams have enough for 2 teams but the kids don't seem to mind so that is good.

Then I had to drop off my niece as she stayed over night and Nate stayed at Pete's, but once I got there Laura said leave them all there and that she would bring them home later. Nice as then Cece and I got some running around and chores done. Oh life with no kids would be so simple.

Then once the kids got home Maddie went to a friends and has now stayed the night there and Nate and I went for a nice single speed ride down by the lake. Once home it was put away 3 baskets full of cycling stuff, I'm trying to figure out how we got 2 dressers full of cycling clothing. Got that done and then it was clean myself up and dress in a western outfit and hit a surprise 55 for a co-worker ( picture maybe posted later ). Now time for bed and drive to the race in the morning. Good Luck to those racing cross. Later..

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